We are both missionaries in Portland, Oregon with Epic Movement, which is the Asian American college ministry of Cru (formerly known as Campus Crusade for Christ). Our heart's passion is to see college students restored to emotional, relational and spiritual wholeness through the Gospel.  

When students go to college, they begin asking pivotal questions that have the potential to determine the trajectory of the rest of their lives: Who am I?  What do I believe?  What is my vocation?  Who should I be with?  How do I make a difference?  

As they form answers to these life-shaping questions, a myriad of voices (friends, media, professors, parents, culture, etc.) are competing with God for their hearts and minds.  We want to see these students truly thrive as humans and we believe that they will do so only when they have a vital relationship with Jesus Christ.  

Therefore, we've been called to build spiritual movements everywhere so everyone knows someone who truly follows Jesus.  We want to come alongside these students and help them understand how God speaks into the burning questions on their hearts.   

However, we recognize that we cannot build these movements alone.  We invite you to partner with us, offering your prayers, wisdom, time, and resources to reach and disciple these students together. Together, we can reach these students, and through these students, reach the world.